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Teachers/Guidance Counselors

Health Care: Get Into It! was created as an information database to help educate students about careers in the health care industry, but we can't do it alone.  As a teacher, you play a pivotal role in the career choices of your students.  Our program has been designed to include teachers of both middle and high school to help inform their students of the potential of a career in health care.



A Few Facts:


Studies have shown that students involved in career development have higher academic GPA standings, significantly smaller dropout rates, and improved attendance rates. 

"Real life" hands-on exercises in the classroom can have a lasting effect on students of all learning abilities.

The health care industry, with a growing need for workers, has a position that fits every student's interests.

Where do I fit in?

This website has been created as a way for students to explore some of the possibilities of health care careers.  As a teacher, you can help your students navigate the STUDENTS section of this website.  We have created a STEP BY STEP process beginning with an interactive interest assessment tool to help your students explore careers that suit their individual interests and career goals. 


Iroquois Upstate Health Workforce and Health Care: Get Into It! have partnered with American Careers and the New York State Department of Education to offer middle/high school teachers a free training seminar on how to effectively communicate to your students the wide range of opportunities available in the health care industry.  Check our EVENTS page to view upcoming dates for seminars and other events.