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How To Use This Site

The objective of this website is to give your students the opportunity to gain insight into the various careers in health care and develop a road map to their future.  We have structured this website in a way that will individualize the career planning experience based on each individual students' interests.  If followed correctly, the steps below will help give your students a structure of how to plan and make decisions for one of the most important choices of their lives: their career.  All steps below refer to the STUDENTS section in the left navigation of this site.

Step 1: Show the Video

We have created a short introductory DVD as an overview of what the health care industry has to offer and how our program and website fit in.  This is a great tool to help spark the interest of your students and get them into the right frame of mind for career exploration.  If you do not have the DVD and would like a free copy, email your request to:

Step 2: Interest Assessment

Health Care: Get Into It! and Career Zones have partnered to create a custom Interest Assessment Tool.  This interactive tool is designed to create a custom list of health care jobs based on the individual interests of each student.  They simply choose three job traits, in order of importance, and the tool will automatically generate a list of health care jobs best suited for them.  The students can then click on the individual jobs to get a brief description and begin narrowing the field.

Step 3: Choose 3-4 Job Titles

After your students have completed the interest assessment, have them choose 3-4 job titles from their list that interest them the most and would like more information about.  If a student is having trouble choosing individual jobs, they can investigate jobs by category by clicking on the CAREER OPTIONS  page.  Otherwise, have them go to the CAREERS page and choose each job title from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Investigate Career Pathways

There is a wide range of educational/training requirements and salaries for different health care careers.  Have your students investigate educational requirements, average salary range, work environment, and responsibilities for each job title.  Encourage them to visit any related links and check out the local schools and places of employment by clicking on the New York State map.

Step 5: Job Shadowing

Job shadowing/mentoring programs are the best way for students to get hands-on experience and information about a specific career or field.  Encourage your students to participate in one or more of these programs so they can become well informed about the decision they are about to make.  Learn more about JOB SHADOWING/MENTORING PROGRAMS.

Step 6: Resources

Whether your students have made their career choice or are deciding between two possible pathways, it always helps to be as informed as possible.  That is why we created the RESOURCES page.  Your students can use this page to find information about: schools, financial aid/scholarships, employers, related associations, etc.